A desire fulfilled
showing others how it’s done
courage to bloom


Note – Unfortunately I haven’t been able to use my camera over the summer due to falling very badly six weeks ago, courtesy of MS. I have still not recovered and I am very disappointed that I haven’t been able to take the usual macro shots. Β However while I was sitting in the garden last week I did manage to take this photo on my iPad. The cameras on these modern devices produce quite amazing quality I think. I have a long wait now until next summer, but hopefully by then I will be able to hold the camera and resume normal service. I have missed taking flower photos so much. Β I posted this on my iPad and can’t see how to enlarge the photo, but if you click on the image, the picture will enlarge. It looks much better larger.Β 


About journeyintopoetry

My name is Christine and I have been "flirting" with poetry for about a year now. In March 2011 I was diagnosed with MS and I am now embarking on a process of recovery both physically and emotionally. Recovery is a long, slow and sometimes difficult path, but can also be life changing, as I have already discovered in my recovery from alcoholism. My first task has been acceptance, which some days can be a little shaky as far as the MS goes, but I am getting there. Embracing my condition rather than wrestling with it has been important, but equally I will not allow it to define who I am. I am hoping the poetry will help with this. I know very little about poetry and its various forms etc, but I am reading and learning. So I write my poems as therapy for the MS and also because sometimes it is simply fun to do, especially as I now spend more time at home. This is a big step for me, letting others read my poems. I hope you enjoy them and they make some sense.
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20 Responses to Rose

  1. Such a beautiful picture, Chris. You have a real talent for capturing these close-ups. I love the hint of purple behind – is it lavender? xx

    • Thank you Deborah! Yes it is lavender. John planted roses and a lavender hedge as a border the year before last. This year they have both been prolific; the lavender is such a beautifully deep colour and the combined scent is just gorgeous. And the summer here has been disappointing but they have thrived 😊

  2. I have been staring at this, Chris, for quite a while. It reminds me of so many sweet and lovely things….and a memory of a ballet tutu I wore for a dance recital when I was seven years old! So glad you were able to capture it with your iPad…these electronic contraptions never cease to amaze me. And I hope you know my heart goes out to you as you struggle with the latest disappointment. Much love….

    • Thanks Cynthia. A tutu, yes! It reminds me of many things too. I love it’s colour, I could almost eat it! I am visualising you in the pretty pink tutu 😊. Thank you for your good wishes regarding the other stuff. It could have been worse I guess but it’s been bad enough and I feel the fall stole my summer 😟 ❀️

  3. So sorry you haven’t been able to take those photos – and hope you feel stronger each day. Gorgeous photos, and lovely words. Sending much love xx

    • Thanks so much Laurel. Summer has certainly passed me by but there have still been good moments, especially with all our little ones in the family. 😊 Five so far! Much love to you too xxx

  4. This is gorgeous!! These ipads and phones are so good now some people are abandoning their traditional cameras. I’m just learning to use my new phone for photography, I feel like like I’m going to drop it though, it’s so delicate and thin!

    Love your poem too, oh yes, easier said than done for us humans. We have so long to learn to bloom – those flowers in such a short space of time are naturals! πŸ˜‰

    So sorry to hear about your fall Christine, must be miserable for you. I really hope you get back to a better more enjoyable state of being very soon! πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you Suzy! Yea the quality is quite amazing on phones and iPads. But what my iPad can’t do is take the macro shots I like to take of bees busy in the flowers or pick out the very centre of the flower on its own. But never mind, hopefully I will recover soon and I can be all prepared for next spring! And thanks for your comment on the haiku too. I always like to put a small verse with the photos. 😊

  6. That’s beautiful Christine, such a pretty flower and the iPad did a very good job as did you. Love the poem too. So sorry to hear that you had a fall. I hope you’re feeling better. Sending you hugs xxx

    • Thank you Norma. I’m recovering slowly; the doctor says it will take a few months rather than weeks. I wrenched my back very badly so I couldn’t possibly get into the different positions to take macro photos. I can’t even load the washing machine without pain so Im having to be very patient. However, my iPad pleased me with this one, so I thought it worthy of sharing, plus I wanted to explain my absence from this blog all summer. 😊 xx

  7. Jackie says:

    Stunning picture and beautiful haiku! πŸ™‚ xo

  8. Christine I hope you are healing and the flower is stunning. Take good care of yourself xxx.

    • Thank you very much Kath. I know I need to be patient regarding the results of falling, but more than six weeks on, my patience is now waning. But I was pleased to get this rose photo. The roses in our garden are fabulous this year, even though our summer has been somewhat drab and grey. xxx

  9. Courage to bloom, indeed, even in times of sickness or distress. I suppose it’s easy to bloom when we’re happy, but to find the beauty and love in a light fluffy pink rose when the body fails – now THAT is courage. xo

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